Welcome to Simpiwe’s, a story of hope…

At Simpiwe, gifts are made from the heart. After all, that is what the word “Simpiwe” means: Gift!
The entire team is part of a job creation & upliftment programme where they are taught how to masterfully create
handmade arts and crafts, according to their own strong points & talents.
Everything is exclusively made by hand, cut & bent using nothing but a pair of heavy duty scissors and long-leg pliers.
One of the key players of the Simpiwe brand; Friki Els, explains: ” The most satisfying challenge is to design and produce each new product with the team.
The men make the frames for the paper machè lights, and the ladies wrap the frames with imported paper”
Simpiwe’s has a wide range of handmade arts & crafts available, and now with our online store it is easier than ever to order your favourite Simpiwe products!